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The Swan Valley region and its numerous suburbs are experiencing the fastest population growth in Western Australia. With 30% of the population being less than 15 years of age, access to localised junior sporting opportunities are imperative to build a stronger, healthier, happier and safer community.


The Swan Valley Little Athletics Centre (SVLAC) will be a body that organises and conducts weekly competitions for all 300 athletes within it’s affiliated clubs, Ellenbrook and Bindoon. Swan Valley has an elected Committee that is responsible for the administration and operations. They will design their own competition programme and timetable, co-ordinate the activities of voluntary workers, register members, ensure all details of equipment, recording. finance, promotions are arranged and conduct regular meetings.


Young people who take an interest in sport are more likely to stay fit for life. Learning fundamental running, throwing and jumping skills is beneficial to children’s long term development. Our local Centre within Swan Valley will inspire and motivate our youth to have a go and get physically active.


Grassroots clubs are the bedrock of Australian sporting culture. Little Athletics skill enhancement is at the heart of all other sports and has provided many of our athletes with development to assist them with reaching the pinnacle in their respective disciplines.

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